9-Year-Old Girl Is Inspired By Whitney Houston, When She Begins Singing, Wow

Angelica Hale is no ordinary 9-year-old, she has been considered as many as the next Whitney Houston. She appeared on “America’s Got Talent,” with hopes and dreams of becoming the next winner. America’s Got Talent showcases unique performances from across the country, and the most outstanding performances go through to the semi-finals were they narrow the contents down.

Angelica came on the show with only one goal in her mind, and that was to win for her mother. Full of spirit Angelica walked on stage on “America’s Got Talent” and began singing ‘Rise Up’ by Andra Day. The judges were seen shocked and their mouths wide open as Angelica sang her song. Towards the end of her performance, the audience members were left in tears and standing on their feets. Angelica has pure talent, and hopefully, this contest will bring out the best in her.

Angelica Hale: Future Star STUNS The Crowd OH. MY. GOD!!! | Auditions 2 | America’s Got Talent 2017