Bride Is Giving Her Wedding Speech, Then Tells 6 Officers To Stand Behind Her Groom

Deana Elwood was honored to be maid of honor at her sister’s wedding. The following footage was posted by her at the wedding and uploaded to YouTube so everyone could witness this amazing speech.

Deana and her husband James Elwood were sitting on the reserved table right next to the bride and groom. The bride began giving her speech, it started off just like any other ordinary wedding speech but towards the end, she had a surprise, and no-one saw it coming.

She calls six police officers from across the hall to stand behind her husband. Getting married to a police officer has its perks, so this bride used it to her advantage on day one. The bride reveals her gift for everyone and brings the guests to tears. She receives the biggest applause after her emotional speech and surprise for her groom.

Bride Surprises Groom - A Tribute to Police Officers