Cops Step Onto Public Bus, The Dash Cam Captured The Bus Drivers Heroic Act

Being a metropolitan bus driver is not an easy job as it sounds, they come across all sorts of people throughout the day. You may hate traffic, but these guys hate it, even more, when they are stuck with angry passengers blaming the driver for not going fast enough. Once in a while, these metropolitan bus drivers are faced with a situation that no training can prepare them for.

Jeannie Mitchell, a metropolitan driver for the Milwaukee County Transit System. During her regular Route 35, she was faced with a situation that could get her fired for breaking protocol. She saw two children younger than the age of 5 walking on the sidewalk by themselves. Jeannie is not allowed to stop randomly unless it is an emergency or a bus stop.

Despite knowing that she may get fired for breaking protocol, Jeannie acted out of human kindness and stopped the bus. Her maternal instincts kicked in and started questioning the little boys. She found that the youngest boy was aged 1-years-old and the other was 5-years-old. Her body was full of adrenaline as she was worried about these two young kids. She contacted the police and the children were quickly reunited with the mother. It’s nice to know the streets of Milwaukee are safer with people like Jeannie on the streets.

MCTS Driver Finds Lost Children