Delivery Driver Didn’t Expect Anyone To Find Out What He Did At This House

When you buy something online, we put our full trust into the delivery drivers hoping that they deliver the item on time. This story came in about a United Parcel Service (UPS) driver from South Carolina. Many drivers get hate from the public for late or damaged goods, but not Dwight Pryalow. He has been a UPS driver for just over 15 years, and he swears by his job. He loves seeing happy people and loves putting smiles on peoples faces when they receive their items.

The only time these drivers get with each individual is brief, but the repeat deliveries help build up a rapport and helps Dwight Pryalow get to know customers. During one evening Dwight was delivering a parcel to 84-years-old Nancy McCummings house when he noticed something was not right. Nancy’s disabled son passed away which put Nancy in a dark place, everything around her was a mess. Dwight could not bare the sight of a senior woman in such a state, so he decided to do something out of his own kindness and helped this elderly woman. What he did went above and beyond any person had done for this women before.