He Raped His Girlfriends 9-Month-Old Baby To Death. People Want Him Hanged

Benjamin Taylor 32-years-old was in a relationship with Amanda Adkins, and one morning her life was turned upside down by the very person who she trusted. Benjamin raped and abused Amanda’s 9-month-old baby while Amanda was sleeping. When she woke up, her baby Emmaleigh was not in her crib, and she started to worry. She found Emmaleigh in the basement, bleeding and unconscious. Emmaleigh was rushed to the hospital, and the house was covered with police presence. Emmaleigh’s family decided to stop the life support because she was declared brain dead from the abuse.

Many people have taken to social media venting their anger and have stated that jail would be too light of a sentence for this man. While many disagree saying he may find his fate in there, once the other inmates know what he did. West Virginia does not have the death penalty, but many are petitioning for it.