Her Grandparents Died Holding Each Other’s Arms After 75 Years Of Marriage

Childhood sweethearts die moments apart in each other’s arms after being married for 75 years. 95-year-old Alexander married Jeanette Toczko 96-year-old in 1940; at the age of 8-years-old, the couple started dating. Aimee the granddaughter told our sources that their hearts would beat as one, for as long as she could remember.

When Alexander passed away in her arms, the family broke the news to her and her response had everyone in tears. Jeanette hugged him and said ‘See this is what you wanted. You died in my arms and I love you. I love you, wait for me, I’ll be there soon.’ The family knew that Jeanette wouldn’t last long either and died moments apart.

Couple married 75 years dies in each other's arms