Judges Were Shocked When The Pizza Delivery Man Started Singing, Amazing Voice

Jamie Pugh is a pizza delivery driver after becoming redundant from his high-end office job. Since his redundancy, he needed a job quickly which would go through the interview process quickly. He became a pizza delivery driver as they didn’t ask him any questions and gave him the job straight away. Falling behind on his rent, he started to put in more hours and ended up staying in the job longer than expected.

His wife pushed him to audition for Britain’s Got Talent as she thought he had an amazing voice. The judges were shocked when he began singing, they never expected a delivery driver to sing like this. He sang ‘Bring Him Home’ from the famous Les Mis√©rables theatrical play. He took a risk and it worked out for him, the judges’ mouths were left open and could not believe what they were hearing.

Jamie Pugh - Britain's Got Talent - Show 4