Missed Voicemail Leads To Race Against Time To Save A Kidnapped 2-Year-Old Girl

Stephen Adams of Murrow County, Ohio, was on his way to his doctor’s appointment, little did he know he missed the phone call from the doctors stating that his appointment had been canceled. He also missed the voicemail left by the doctor surgery and continued about his day as normal. While driving on route to his ‘canceled’ doctor’s appointment, Stephen Adams turned on his radio and heard an amber alert for a 2-year-old missing girl.

The amber alert stated she might be with her father Tyler Enix, who was known for killing the 2-year-old girls’ mother. 2-year-old Brooklynne was suspected to be traveling with the father, and the description of the car was given. After hearing this, Stephen Adams was shocked to see the vehicle they were looking for was directly in front of him. Stephen Adams used his initiative and tailed the car until the sheriff got there and had the chance to pull him over.

Race Against Time to Save a Toddler After an Amber Alert Is Issued