Newly Adopted Daughter Recieves A Big Gift From The Family, Her Reaction Is Priceless

Originally uploaded for friends and family, a mother of 10 uploaded this video to YouTube. Most of her children are adopted but does have some biological children of her own. In this video, she wanted to surprise her newly adopted daughter for Christmas. The new daughter fitted in perfectly with the family, but there was one thing she wanted more than anything else but did not mention it as she thought it was too big to ask for.

Everyone was itching to find out what was inside the big wrapped present. After attempting to rip open the wrapping paper, the dad simply lifted the box and revealed what was inside. Instantly the daughter’s reaction was priceless and began crying. It was her older foster sister who she has been separated from. The two girls had been split up in the foster system after spending ten years together. They may not be biological sisters, but their bond was as strong as one. The family also decided to adopt her as an adult, and she was over the moon.