Owner Kills 8 Puppies Infront Of The Mommy Dog To Teach It A Lesson, Heartbreaking

Krishnanagar a remote village located in the west of India has become the talk of the country after people were outraged to find out a woman had killed eight puppies. In a less economically developed country, you will see that there are many stray dogs. The government overlooks the problem, so it is down the people of the land to do something about it. Many people leave out food for the stray animals, as they can not bare the sight of a dying dog or cat. This four-year-old stray’s life turned upside down after she delivered a litter of puppies in a gutter near a woman’s house.

The woman went ballistic when she was told the news. She went outside and slammed the puppies one by one against rocks and then threw the bodies across to the other side. She did all of this while the mother dog was watching. Ammu the mother dog kept trying to nudge her babies to wake up and then went into shock when they did not respond. The woman was questioned about her actions, and she said she wanted to teach the dog a lesson to never come near her house again. The woman could face up to five years in prison if found guilty.

Woman killed 8 Puppies Brutally For Nuisance