Teacher Dislikes Student But After Reading His File She Changed His Life, This Is Heartbreaking.

Not everyone can stick to the promises that they make to another, it can either be hard to keep or they have simply failed to do so. This short story is about how a teacher promised that she would love and treat all her student’s all the same, she lacked in doing so at first towards one child that she thought he was unpleasant but after she found a file on him her perspective of the child had changed dramatically. She managed to see what was so different about him and then decided to take actions which gave him a whole new life in general. She managed to keep her promise after she understood this child but little did she know that this little boy would grow up to give her a heartwarming surprise. If only everyone tried to understand others more, than those who struggle in life could see a brighter light towards something great. A little bit of love and attention can go a long way.

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