Teacher Does Not Give Young Student A Chance To Learn, His Outcome Was Inspirational

As a child, being diagnosed with an illness can restrict you from doing a lot of things such as not being able to see your friends as regularly as you were able to before getting sick, seeing family members and not attending¬†school. When we are young we do not want to learn and study or even go to school; we are always happy when we are ill for a few days or so and don’t attend school. But being ill for a long period of time makes you want to go back into education and gain the knowledge that you have missed. This young boy went back to school after recovering from his illness but the way his teacher treated him made this boy illiterate for a long time. When he came to a retired age he decided to do something that would benefit many and wished that his teacher had given him a chance to learn when he was young. It is definitely an inspirational story.