Toddler Watches Her Mum Breastfeed Newborn Sister Asks “Where’s The Chocolate Milk?”

22-month-old Ava had an arrival of a newborn baby sister named Hannah; Ava started becoming very attached to her younger sibling in such a short period. One day Ava witnessed her sister being breastfed for the first time, and boy was she confused. The little girl’s aunt Stephanie didn’t think to waste any time in losing a wonderful moment and started to record the conversation between Ava and her mother, Ali. Ava initially thought that Hannah was biting her mother until Ali explained that this is the way she eats and its MILK that she is drinking.

Without any time to think Ava quickly jumped into the thought that it was chocolate milk and was asking her mother where the chocolate milk was at. This video of this innocent girl is hilarious because of her pure innocence. Her mother even mentioned to CBS radio station that she’s like that every day and that’s her personality in a nutshell. This short clip reached eight million views in less than a week; it’s a must watch video.