Woman Aged 109 Years Old, Reveals Her Secret To Living A Long Life

Jessie Gallan from Scotland aged 109 years old revealed her secret to a long and healthy life. Her two tips were, “eat your porridge and avoid men”. Jessie Gallan told Huffington Post that men were more trouble than they’re worth. I’m pretty sure some of our lady readers can agree with that.

Nowadays quite a handful of people are living to ages beyond 100, this wasn’t likely a century back. This could be down to quite a few factors, such as medical advances and cleaner living conditions. Everyone person who lives past the age of 100 has a different theory on why they lived so long. The current oldest person alive is Susannah Mushatt Jones who is 116 years old, and she says her secret is eating bacon. If I get a chance to ever live past a century, I’ll surely let you guys know what my secret was.

Jessie Gallan sadly passed away in a nursing home on March 2015, may her adorable soul rest in peace.