Woman Ends Marriage After Years Of Abuse, Then She Received A Unexpected Letter From Her Son

An abusive marriage is probably one of the worst things ever. You have enough courage to ask someone to marry you or get asked to get married, you plan out your entire lives together. Until things start becoming sour, for quite a while you keep telling yourself you still love this person and look past these things. It gets to a point where you are being physically abused and the only thing you keep telling yourself from leaving is that he/her might still love you, or he will probably sweet talk his/her way and win you over again. This woman finally got the courage after many years of abuse to end the marriage and then one day received a letter from her son. Read below and find out what followed.


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Source: Chicken Soup for the Soul: Moms Know Best: Stories of Appreciation for Mothers and Their Wisdom Written by Robert A. Concolino