Woman Restricts Mother From Breastfeeding Her Baby. Then Her Younger Son Replies With This, It Is GOLD.

Don’t you just hate people who are so hypocritical? In our society people think it is perfectly normal for a woman to walk out with hardly any clothing on however, if a mother needs to breastfeed her baby and is fully covered it is seen as totally inappropriate. Every adult needs to eat in order to survive so why is it any different for a child or baby in-fact. People these days have become to inconsiderate about babies and believe that everything should go their way. If a baby is crying due to hunger then the mother is told that she is not handling her child right, but when a mother goes to feed her child then she gets told she is doing it incorrectly. Where do mothers stand now-a-days, do they have any say about their own child? Are they able to bring up their babies without starving them?

We need people more like this 6-year-old child who seems to be pretty smart for his age, if only we could see the world like this child then things would be a lot different.


Source: Facebook.com

Source: Facebook.com

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