11-Year-Old Molested By A Large Gang Of African-American Men, Beg For Second Chance

An 11-year-old girl who was gang-raped by more than 20 men is being slammed by parents for ‘dressing up’ older than she looks. Newspapers claimed that she got herself into it by putting on ‘make-up’, and try to defame the girl who was the victim. A gang of African-American men gang-raped the 11-year-old who had not even hit puberty and passed her around like she was an animal. They each had several turns on her and all of them releaved themselves inside of her, the girl was released after a week when all of the evidence would have disappeared. The 11-year-old was treated in hospital for a torn bum-hole and internal bleeding.

11yr Old Hispanic Girl Raped by 28 Blacks