18 Year Old Sings “It’s A Man’s World” Stuns Judges And Given A Standing-Ovation

Watch how one 18 year old amazes the judges and the entire audience and given a standing ovation, one of the best feelings any performer can receive. Ché George Chesterman Jr appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, his voice gives the song justice. It’s A Mans World by James Brown is a classic and is one song that is loved by many globally, for this 18-year-old to take on such a huge song is a big challenge.

Ché George Chesterman appeared on the X factor and gave the judges a big shock with his amazing voice which got the audience on their feet. The 18-year-old sang “It’s A Man’s Word” by  James Brown, the song is known globally. The 18-year-old sang his heart out to get a seat. Cheryl Cole was amazed by the 18-year-old vocals and his confidence that he presented on the stage. At The End of the performance, Che Chesterman got the judges on their feet.

Ché born and raised in Essex became the 2015 X Factor finalist, thanks to his staggering performances.  The former Tesco shelf stacker soon after quit his job following his now found X-Factor fame. Becoming entirely of a celebrity in his local area, Ché then formed a band called Jinx, which split shortly after. He then went on to follow his passion and embarking on a solo career.

Previously a singer-songwriter and a part-time Tesco shelf stacking at Tesco in Langdon, Essex. Ché studied music at college, and has ever since followed his heart. He enjoys singing; his mother would often yell at him for singing in the shower for hours. His newfound fame has to lead him to perform at special events, parties, and events. He describes the best highlight of his career was when he performed at Santorini wedding.

Ché Chesterman battles for Nick’s final seat | 6 Chair Challenge | The X Factor UK 2015