2-Year-Old Saves His Baby Brother From Under Fallen Dresser, Incredible Moment Caught On Camera

There is nothing like the bond between siblings, even whey they are two-years-old. A nanny cam captured shocking footage of two twin brothers Bowdy and Brock playing on the dresser when it falls on top of them. Bowdy luckily was able to get free, with only his foot trapped. Unfortunately, Brock was stuck underneath the dresser, with the entire weight of the dresser pressing down on him, his twin brother Bowdy leaped into action and saved his brother’s life. Ricky Shoff, the father of the twin boys, posted this video online to remind all parents the dangers of non-bolted dressers. He urges all parents to get their dressers bolted to the wall securely.

Two year old miraculously saves twin brother (full video)