4-Year-Old Girl Walks On Stage And Starts Speaking 7 Different Languages

Majority of us can probably speak up to 2 to 3 languages with the odd exception of some . Some 60% of the population can speak only one language while the rest 40% can speak more than one language. 10% of the people who can speak more than one language can speak up to five languages with years of training. 4-year-old Bella Devyatkina from Moscow made speaking seven languages seem easy on a Russian television show “Amazing People”. Not only can she speak 7 languages but she can fluently read and write in all of them, and she can hold a conversation in all of them. Her intelligent mind can go as far as solving riddles in each language. Bella can speak English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, and Russian.

Cute 4 Years old Speaks 7 Languages (Bella Devyatkina)