5-Year-Old Girl Punished With Handcuffs And Blindfolds By Her School Teacher

Parents send their children to school knowing that they are getting an education and are in a safe environment. What if you found out that the adults in charge of looking after your children, were, in fact, the ones harming them. Two five-year-old girls were seen with blindfolds and hands tied together.

According to the teachers, the girls were getting punished for getting questions wrong during class. When the headteacher was questioned about the incident, he went to defend the teacher’s actions. The photos were shared by another teacher who was shocked to see such behavior inside a school.

The teacher at the Surin, Thailand school was ordered to pay 40,000THB £915 as compensation to the girl’s parents. He was also placed on a 2-month paid holiday while police carried out their investigation. The headteacher who said that “it was a good way to teach concentration” was also being investigated for his conduct.