5 Year Old Tries To Send Parents A Message By Drawing Terrible Moments Of Her Life

In Brazil, a 5-year-old’s parents were worried about their daughter when she kept avoiding trying to go to school. The little girl would always seem so sad and upset when she knew she had to attend English classes. Most children at this age find it hard to explain or communicate with their parents when something in their life is not going well. Some children manage to find ways to express like this 5-year-old, she drew pictures of the horrible things that were happening to her.

After her parents realized something is wrong with her they went through her room and found these drawings. From that moment they discovered that this little girl’s English teacher and a priest names Father Joao da Silva aged 54 years was sexually abusing this child. As parents, they took matters into their hands fast and got Joao da Silva arrested where he also admitted to his wrongdoings to this young girl.