6 Year Old Girl Handcuffed By School For Having Candy, This Is Devastating

Madisyn Moore a 6-year-old girl from Chicago was punished severely by her school for having some candy. When this little child went to Fernwood Elementary School that day, she didn’t know that she would be handcuffed to the staircases by the school security guard. Unfortunately, it all started when other children started to gossip about Madisyn stealing some candy. The children went to the security guard to inform them of this wrong information and he took matters into her own hands.

The first thing the security guard, Divelle Yarbrough, said was “he was going to teach her an f—king lesson” before he grabbed hold of her and handcuffed her. Later when Madisyn’s mother found out what happened she was furious because the candy was in her lunchbox which her mother Marlena put in there herself.

Divelle Yarbrough did not get charged for anything by the police but the Board fired him and labeled him as “DO NOT HIRE” employee.

Mom Says Daughter Put in Handcuffs at School