6-Year-Old Undergoes Plastic Surgery For His “Elf Ears” To Stop Bullying

Gage Berger a 6-year-old boy had recently got plastic surgery done to his ears as he was getting bullied severally. Gage used to be called names such as “Elf Ears” by his classmates in the school located in Salt Lake City, Utah. His parents had decided that it would be a better option for him to get the surgery done so young so that the bullying does not affect him permanently and cause him any damage.

His parents Tim and Kallie believed that the decision they took was correct but urge other parents to look into every aspect before taking a huge step. The Procedure took roughly two hours, but it has made the biggest difference to this boy’s life, now he does not have to worry about being made fun off.

Parents Allow 6-Year-Old Boy with Big Ears to Get Plastic Surgery