7 Year Old Arrested After Doing This To His Neighbours Food From The Roof

In Maryland St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office was contacted on June 6, 2017 where Deputy R. Steinbach had to respond to an incident that occurred on Hawthorn Way in Lexington Park. The incident was regarding a 7 year old who had gone on top of his house roof and decided to urinate on his neighbours barbecue grill while they were cooking steaks on it.

The below video was used as evidence in court when this 7 year old boy arrested and it was mentioned that he was the youngest criminal ever in U.S. The young boy was processed and charged with One Count of Malicious Destruction of Property Value $1000. Kids like this should be disciplined correctly and strictly, what are your views?

7-Year-Old Arrested for Urinating on Neighbors Steak While Cooking Out