80 Children Have Died In This Man’s Arms, The Reason Is Heartbreaking

Have you ever experienced or even though of being alone with no one to support you during your toughest times in life? As adults, we can find it extremely difficult being alone no imagine what children must feel like.

Mohammed Bzeek an elderly man was diagnosed with cancer and he had to get it treated, but when it came to the time of meeting doctors to go through procedures, or even in the operation theatre he was always asked “where is your family? Your wife? Your son? Your Friends?.”

Unfortunately, Mohammed did not have an answer because he was alone, his wife had passed away and his son was handicapped. Therefore, Mohammed went through this difficult time of his life by himself, and at the point, he realized how horrible it feels to be alone.

From that day until now he has opened his heart to children who are terminally ill and have no home, no family, no parents. Bzeek fosters these children and takes care of them until they pass away, but during the time they are alive, he never lets them feel lonely and gives them life before they die.

GoFundMe: Mohamed Bzeek