93 Year Old Women Is Comforted By Her Husband When He Sings To Her

Before you start to watch this video it would be highly recommended to get hold of some tissues because it won’t be a few tears that you will shed, it will be more of a waterfall.

Howard and Laura grandparents of Erin Solari, had captured some beautiful moments of the cute couple. These moments were captured a Hospice Care Centre that Laura was admitted in. This short footage shows how Howard shows his love to Laura by signing to her. When Howard went away  to World War II, Laura had made “You Never Know” (by Rosemary Clooney and Harry James) her comfort song which is what Howard sang to her during her time in Hospice Care Centre.

Laura and Howard have been happily married for 73 years so far. Erin Solari mentioned that this song being sung was not uncommon for the family members to hear, in fact both Laura and Howard used to sing to one another taking a verse each. This song has so much meaning to the pair of them that for their 50th wedding anniversary they promised to renew their vows. Their Vows were unique and different to the vows they exchanged at first, this time it included the song which they then performed at their reception.

Erin then writes that her grandma was too fragile to sing with Howard, but the strength of their love made her say the words to him and didn’t stop her even though she was weak.

Man sings to 93 year old dying wife