A Cappella ‘Mary Did You Know’ Will Leave You Speechless

An amazing a-cappella just in time for Christmas, what a great way to remember Jesus. This is an excellent tribute by Peter Hollens; he never seems to fail us. This will surely send shivers down your spine. Christmas is just around the corner, and this is a great way to remember the Lord, and you should be thinking of him throughout the year, not just Christmas. If you keep him in your hearts, he will keep you in his!

Peter James Hollens, an American songwriter/singer, has been involved with singing a-cappella’s since 1999. Peter and Leo da Silva founded the band ‘The Rocks’ at the University of Oregon. They were the first collegiate a cappella group in Oregon.

The song which is clearly biblical is singing directly to Mary, the mother of Jesus. This new and exciting contemporary song has hints of Mark Lowry’s 1984 lyrics embedded within it. The a-cappella is asking if Mary (mother of Jesus) if she knew about the eventual salvation and significance of her son Jesus. Highlighting the marvelous mircales and sacrifies, he performed for mankind.

Mary Did You Know - Peter Hollens from "A Hollens Family Christmas" (OUT NOW!)