Adele’s “Hello” With A Twist Of Mozart

This song is nicknamed ‘Chello’ from the other side, such a great pun for a great song. The original song is Adele’s ‘Hello’ and it is given a new twist and performed by ThePianoGuys with chelos. If you haven’t heard “Lacrimosa” from Mozart’s Requiem then it is highly recommend you listen to is as this song will make more sense. This performance blends both songs together beautifully and is something you can relax.

100 different tracks of acoustic and electric cello have been used in the making of this video, cello has been known to be a emotional instrument for centuries. The scenery adds to the performance, this was filmed at Tuacahn Amphitheatre. The mirrors and the cold foggy look gives you chills down your back.

Adele - Hello / Lacrimosa (Mozart) – The Piano Guys