Adopted Blind Cat Finds His Best Friend At A Shelter Home

Martin, the cat, had been abandoned by his previous owners because the cat went blind. Martin had to get surgery for his ruptured eyes because of an infection, but unfortunately, this left him blind for life. Mr and Mrs Tucker wanted to adopt the cat but knew that he would need a friend to help him, and that’s what they did. They tried for many months hoping that another cat would get along with Martin but there were many failed attempts.

The last thing that the Tuckers tried to do was take the cat to a local shelter and hoped that he would meet another cat that could change his life. Forntaley, Martin had attracted Mr Pinkerton, a 2-year-old tuxedo cat. The two cats are now inseparable, they are the best of friends, and they do everything together. Watch a short clip of these two cats below to see what their relationship is like.