After Baby’s Blood Test Comes Back Grandma’s Dark Secret Emerges

Hayden and Taylor Shaw recently lost their 9-month-old baby boy, Kobe. They both thought that the cause of his death was due to his undeveloped brain. During the time of Kobe’s death, the baby and parents were living with Taylor’s mother, Tonya Monroe. On the night of his death, Tonya went to check on Kobe and realized that he was turning blue and instantly called her daughter to check on the infant.

They immediately called emergency services who tried their level best to revive Kobe, but unfortunately, they lost him. Kobe’s death was thought to be a natural cause but for some reason when tests were done on Kobe results just did not match up. What they found out was devastating, it was actually a murder all along.

Tonya Monroe was previously known to have been a methamphetamine user, she told everyone that she stopped using drugs. However, this was clearly not the case because they found Meth in Kobe’s system and he had died from an overdose of this drug. Tonya fled away and it is still unknown why Kobe’s grandmother would do such a thing to her grandchild.