Amazing Dance Routine To Adele’s “Hello” Will Leave You Amazed

This dance group called ‘The Kinjaz’ will leave you amazed, they have an amazingly choreographed dance routine to Adele’s new hit single ‘Hello’. If you love any sort of dance, then you’ll appreciate this, it is blended so well with the song. Adele’s new album has sold more than 900k sales on iTunes on the first day, this is record-breaking.

The Kinjaz group currently is comprised of 38 members, people were so much interest in them that it grew their popularity. They class themselves as a band of brothers on a quest to fearlessly explore the depths of their imagination and artistic purpose within dance.

The artist brotherhood is known for its signature intricate choreography style and their creative storytelling through their dance routines. Kinjaz are based out of Los Angeles established in 2010, originally founded by two friends, Mike Song and Anthony Lee.

They first began their group purely dancing to Naruto (a Japanese manga series), they are now one of the greatest dance crews in the world. They gained enormous attraction within the dance community and scouted legendary dancers and choreographers from rival dance groups.