Angry Husband Condemns Wife After Labour, The Doctors Are Stunned By Her Response

Dr. Brian Snyder got an emergency outcall just outside the hospital’s premises. Dr. Brian Snyder was rushed to the hospital’s main entrance to find a woman who had already started the process of her baby’s delivery. The doctor knew he would not have enough time to transfer her to a hospital ward, so he decided to proceed with the provision of the baby in the car.

The doctor had to halt the procedure as the worst possible scenario occurred, the umbilical cord between the mother and the baby was wrapped around the baby’s neck and was strangling it. Dr. Brian Snyder without his medical tools managed to untangle the baby, and every sighed in relief.

The baby was successfully delivered, despite the horrific incident. Her husband had the cheek to ask her why she couldn’t wait for another ten minutes until she was inside of the hospital, as she messed up his truck. Her response was hilarious and the internet is backing the mother.