Army Dad Is Deployed But He Leaves A Teddy Bear Behind, She Presses A Button And Her Reaction Is Priceless

No-one likes it when one of their family members is deployed to another country to fight in combat, but at the same time, they are protecting us. This father wanted to leave something behind for his baby girl so that she does not miss him too much. Watch this little girls reaction as she presses down on the paw with her hand, and it starts speaking. Her cute reaction will melt your heart, I’m sure this little girl is going to keep this teddy with her in bed every night.

Larry Bert grandfather of the child, says he loves spending every minute and second with his granddaughter. She carries around a teddy bear with his songs voice recordings on it. Every time she squeezes or presses the button, you can hear her father saying ‘I love you see you soon’. Larry’s son was deployed into the military and despite only being gone for one month, it seemed like forever for his daughter P.

After being deployed for one month, P’s mother Kelly decided it was time to give her daughter the teddy bear to lift her spirits. She was not expecting to hear her fathers voice come from the teddy. The first time she heard his voice come from the teddy bear, she was in shock and could not believe what she was hearing. She looked around in disbelief and soon after noticed that the voice was coming from her newly gifted teddy bear. Larry decided to grab his camera and record what soon became a family treasure.

Father is deployed and Daughter received bear with Dads recorded voice.