Autistic Boy’s Reaction To Snow White Is Priceless, Watch His Sweet Face

Jack Coley and his family went on a family vacation to Disney World and hoped to catch and create as many memories as they possibly could. Jack who is only two is diagnosed with autism and his mother; Amanda was expecting Jack to be reserved as he usually is. However, when Jack met Snow White at Disney Land things had looked a little different and out the norm. Jack had given Snow White a warm welcome like never before and became open instead of reserved. When mother Amanda saw this, she could not believe her eyes and started to record Jack with Snow White, the tears that Amanda shed after seeing her son with the Disney Princess only a parent could understand.

Amanda even said that as soon as Jack saw Snow White, it seemed like he instantly fell in love with her. It was a whole new side that the Coley family saw of Jack and an amazing, memorable one too. Jack’s older brothers have always helped and supported Jack through his autism time and after seeing Jack like this they knew that this would be their new regular holiday destination where they could all enjoy and relax as a family. Watch his indescribable expressions and how adorable he looks when he sits with Snow White the Disney Princess.

My 2 year old son falls in love with Snow White at Walt Disney World