Autistic Kid Arrested After Fighting Back Bully Who Hit Him, And Took His Lunch Money

It seems like schools are too afraid to handle school bullies correctly and simply release a statement saying “children will be children”. Needham Elementary School in Franklin, In, is one of those schools after Devin Shepherd’s father had reported his son being bullied on several occasions but did nothing about it because the bullies father was ‘intimidating’. Devin was hit and had his lunch money stolen from him, so he decided to fight back and in the process ended up hitting a teacher who jumped between them. The fourth grader was arrested as an adult in handcuffs while the bully who started the whole thing was given the rest of the day off to ‘recover’. The police released Devin without charge, so the whole thing was just a power show.

Why 9-Year-Old Boy With Autism Got Arrested at School