Baby Was Born Deaf, His Reaction When He Finally Hears His Mom’s Voice Is Priceless

It is said that children can hear from the time that they are in the mother’s womb, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Not every child can hear, and there can be various reasons as to why sometimes it can happen during pregnancy and other times it can be after birth but it is not always known when.

Mr. Drew and Mrs. Taryn Ruiz have a beautiful three month-year-old baby boy called Archer. When Archer was born everything seemed ok, and there weren’t any problems, well not from appearance anyway. As the little boy was growing up, Drew and Taryn noticed that Archer was not reacting to any sounds and was showing signs of acute deafness. Both the parent’s thought that their child would never be able to hear again, but things changed watch this video and witness a beautiful moment that will surely make you emotional.

Archer gets his hearing aids.