Babysitter Covers Baby In Blankets To Make It Stop Crying, Baby Suffocates And Dies

A licensed baby sister smothered a 7-month-old baby to silence it after it was crying for 10 minutes. The baby sitter from Xinzhu, Taipei, Taiwan, covered the baby in several blankets to make the baby stop crying but to her surprise, the baby suffocated and passed away. The licensed child caretaker was shocked how the baby died and did not expect that to happen. In all of her years of training, no-one had taught her not to cover a baby’s head, shocking. 7-month-old Lin was discovered dead by her discovered by the baby sitter after an hour who called emergency services. The baby sitter pleads innocence and says the baby’s death has brought great stress on her and can not sleep at night. The babysitter went onto saying that when she is ready when will release an apology statement, but officials have stated that she had fled the country.

Child Abuse: Privately hired nanny smothers newborn baby girl with blankets for crying