Barn Fire Leaves Mama Dog Depressed And Childless Until She Meets These Orphans

On February 20, 2017, Jessica Woodruff and family went through a tragedy, their barn caught on fire and lost many of their animals. There were goats, a pig and seven three week old puppies in a litter. Jessica’s dog a mix of Pyrenees and boarder Collie, named Dasiy had given birth to these seven puppies, but before she would even begin the journey of motherhood, she lost all her puppies.

For many days Dasiy used to walk near the burnt barn and cry hoping that her puppies would reappear, she was heartbroken and devastated. Jessica could no longer see her go through this horrible pain and decided to contact people for help on Facebook. Then this happened, watch the video below.

Dog That Lost Babies In Fire Gets 8 Orphaned Puppies To Care For