Big Dog Approaches Little Girl On A Hospital Bed, Keep Your Eyes On His Back

Trying to separate George and Ella is impossible and it is for a good reason too. Bella, 11, is enthusiastic and was diagnosed with Morquio Syndrome, which is a rare genetic condition. Due to Morquio Syndrome her mobility has become restricted, doctors told her parents that she may never walk again. Her parents did not give up hope for their 11-year-old girl. That is where George comes into play. George is a Great Dane and anyone that has met a one before will tell you how soft they are on the inside. Don’t let their size fool you, they are far from aggressive. Without George, Ella would be stuck in a wheelchair but with the help of BarkPost, the pair shares some priceless memories together.

George the Great Dane Service Dog | DOG's BEST DAY