Birthday Girl Embarrassed By Her Dad’s Dancing Moves, What She Does Left Everyone Speechless

Everyone has gone through a moment in their life where they have been left in embarrassment from their parents, either mom, dad or even both. Most of the times it happens in front of your friends, and it gets hard to explain the situations. Here is a moment of Jessica Hanley who turned her awkward time into something so magical and enjoyable. Jessica and her parents organized a birthday party where only her close friends would be invited, but like most children, she got worried that their parents would just jump on the dance floor and leave her scarred for life. So Jessica came up with and fantastic idea and decided to create a special routine for the dance at her party, one that would leave everyone speechless. And that’s exactly what happened, it left everyone speechless and left both Jessica and her father happy and proud.

Best Father Daughter Dance Ever - Comedian Mike Hanley and his daughter Jessica