Boy Instantly Starts Crying When He Sees This Dog, The Reason Why Is Heartwarming

Lennox an 11-year-old from Tennessee, Nashville lived next door to his best friend Bogart, a dog. Bogart and Lennox always had a great friendship from a young age. However, Bogart’s owner would always be on tours as his profession as a musician required him to travel regularly and therefore Lennox would hardly see him.

The 11-year-old boy would always miss his dog friend so when he would see him he would be over the moon. However, there was a period of time, a whole year when he didn’t see Bogart which left him heartbroken as Lennox would wait every day for him to come. Below is a quick clip of both these friends reuniting again after a whole 12 months, it’s definitely been an emotional roller-coaster.