Boy Notices Group Of Men Kicking And Beating A Fox. What He Did Made Him A Hero

Luke Rowles, 15, helped save the life of a wild fox that would have been killed if he had not stepped in. No-one likes animal cruelty, so when children see it happen they speak their mind. Luke lost his dog to animal abuse when he was 6 years old. His stepfather would beat the dog and one day when he returned home drunk he ended up killing the dog. Witnessing that as a child can be traumatizing, so when Luke saw a bunch of mean beating and kicking an innocent fox he had to step in.

He walked up to the group of men and yelled at them, he grabbed the beaten up fox and ran. The fox was covered in blood and its mouth was taped shut, preventing it from breathing and calling for help. Luke discovered the entire experience and said the fox knew he was there to help because the fox felt so relaxed in his arms. The Fox was released after a couple of days when it had recovered from most of its injuries.

Luke is now helping recuse other homeless dogs and works for Rudozem Street Dog Rescue (RSDR) in Romania. He helps homeless dogs back to full health and then finds them a loving home.