Care Home Workers Beats 90-Year-Old Man Into A Coma And Blames His Medication

Jaki Taylor was shocked after she saw footage from the secret camera she installed in her father’s room at her house. She would have an elderly care worker come to her house to help her father while she was at work. After reviewing the footage she discovered that her father would get hit on his chest, stomach, and head on a daily basis. A grand jury indicted her with multi counts of assault, abuse of a vulnerable adult, reckless endangerment and she failed to show up to trial. The care worker was questioned on how the 90-year-old fell into a coma while under her care, she said it was the medication that caused it. Jaki believes that it was the care worker constantly punching her dad in the head that caused the coma.

Woman Catches Caregiver Abusing Elderly Father