CCTV Camera Captures Teen Boy’s Reaction After Finding Lost Wallet With $1,500

While handing out flyers Tyler Opdyke stopped a money clip in the driveway of a home in California. What he did next was captured on the home’s surveillance camera. He found a money clip with $1500, which is more than his monthly wages, but his kind gesture is earning him lots of praise. Melissa was home with her three children but was too afraid to open the door when she is home alone, what she saw on the surveillance camera left her speechless. Tyler held the money clip up to the camera and then tucked it under the doormat and continued on his way. Mrs. Vang said she felt bad now for not opening the door, she was scared of opening the door to a man, but it turned out he was doing a good deed.

Teen Caught On Camera Returning Found Wallet To Rightful Owner