Cop Offers To Look After 2-Year-Old During Court, Dad Comes Back And Sees This

Jose Moncayo was unable to find a babysitter for when he had to appear in court for a traffic violation. Jose decided to take his 2-year-old daughter Abi with him, while in the waiting room Abi was seen running around and playing. Finally, when Jose was called to the courtroom, he was told that his 2-year-old daughter could not enter as she was too young, faced with a dilemma, Jose didn’t know what to do. Jose could not leave his daughter by herself and needed to do something about it quick, or he could face his charges being doubled for failure to appear in court.

That is when police officer Kevin Norris decided to step in and offer to watch over Abi. Kevin who was children of his own said he knows exactly how to handle toddlers. Kevin and Abi walked hand-in-hand around the courthouse and collected treats from the other deputies. While waiting for Jose to come out of the courtroom, Kevin decided to play cartoons on his phone for Abi. The 2-year-old was so comfortable with the police officer that she dozed off and had a nap. When Jose came out of the courtroom, he could not believe how patient Kevin was.

2-Year-Old Girl Falls Asleep in Cop's Arms After He Offered to Babysit