Coward Hunter Kills Dog And Poses For A Trophy Photo, Angers The Whole Internet

Friends have identified 31-year-old Bogdan Hristov after a photo of him holding a dead dog has gone viral. Bogdan Zgorigrad, Bulgaria, killed a puppy and bragged about it on social media. He takes a picture next to the dead dog as a trophy picture, and he has made it his mission to kill every day that he sees.

Bogdan started hating dogs after he had issues with his neighbor’s dog barking all night long. He threatened to kill his neighbor’s dog if he did not stop it from barking. The neighbor did not take too kindly to his threat and decided to call the police. Charged with attempted murder of an animal, Bogdan started a killing spree.

Authorities finally apprehended Bogdan at the Bulgarian border trying to cross into Romania. He faces up to 5 years in prison and a fine of 250 Bulgarian leva ($152) for killing a puppy. Many are doubtful as the Bulgarian justice system does not take animal abuse seriously. Bogdan has not been since he crossed over to Romania, where official believe he may settle down.

A petition has been set up for officials to bring justice for the dog’s death. The petition can be found here.