Crowd Cheer When They Realize Who The Pedestrian Is After He Takes Mic Off Street Musician

Strolling around in London can be great sometimes because you never know who you might just bump into. London has many surprises, one day you might see a famous actress another day you might just catch a legendary musician playing in the middle of the streets. This year in the streets of London a street musician was playing a song from 1969 called “Handbags and Gladrags” which was written and sang by Rod Stewart.

By surprise as this song was being sung Rod Stewart had joined in and took the microphone of the musician and started to sing, it was wonderful. Just watch how Londoners and tourist gather around to watch him perform. And one thing for sure this new young artist had the best day of his life because it’s not like every day you get to sing along with an award-winning artist.

Rod Stewart - Impromptu street performance "Handbags And Gladrags" At London's Piccadilly Circus