Crowd Confused After 6 Boys Sit On Stage. Everyone In Awe When The Left One Snaps His Fingers

There are not many talent shows around anymore, in the good ol’ days there would be yearly talent shows in the town hall. This tradition seems to have phased out and now only the mega talent shows are popular, such as the ‘Got Talent’ series and Xfactor.

These 6 teenaged boys entered their school talent show and by the end of their performance, everyone was left in awe. The six teens from Missouri, Alabama, sat down on stage, and they started snapping their fingers. The crowd sat in silence and stared intently at what they were going to do next. One by one, they join in and start snapping their fingers. What they managed to achieve together as a team was amazing and left everyone clapping.

Hand Clap Skit - The Original!