Cruel Man Abused Dog In Gas Station Left The Woman Recording Horrified

Sunshine Alexandria was at the Shell gas station in Hillsboro, Oregon when she noticed a man oddly walking his dog into the station. It was difficult to miss this man as he seemed extremely angry and was harshly yanking his dog’s leash. At first, Alexandria didn’t think too much of it until the man started to abuse the poor animal.

Firstly, the man pulled the dog up and started yelling, then followed by kicking and punching. The dog couldn’t do much other than cry and take on the beats as he was helpless. By the dog’s reactions from this man’s abuse towards it you can identify that this cruel man does this to his dog on a regular basis. Alexandria took out her phone and recorded this incident; she then uploaded it to social media to show others what type of human he is and also reported it to the police.